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Hexavalent Chromium Study in Western Riverside County

In 2008, after a five-month intensive investigation of toxic air pollution in the western areas of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, AQMD identified cement production in the area as a source of elevated levels of the cancer-causing chemical hexavalent chromium.  As a result, AQMD took aggressive action to reduce the hexavalent chromium emissions from the two cement plants in the area in order to lower the cancer risk levels in the communities around the facilities.  In March 2009, the AQMD Governing Board adopted Amended Rule 1156 requiring comprehensive emissions mitigation measures as well as requirements for fence line monitoring of hexavalent chromium at the two facilities.

For more information on AQMD’s investigation, findings and next steps, please see the links below.

                                                                                      File Info Date Posted
Monitoring Data / Sample Analysis/ Health Risk
Air Monitoring Data for Hexavalent Chromium PDF; 612 Kb 03-18-2011
Deposition Plate Studies PDF; 15 Kb 05-16-2008
Hexavalent Chromium Bulk Material Analysis PDF; 45 Kb 05-16-2008
Requirement for Health Risk Assessment PDF; 430 Kb 04-16-2008
(AQMD's regional 2004-2006 air toxics study)
HTML January 2008
Water Monitoring Data for Hexavalent Chromium PDF; 333Kb 07-17-2008
AQMD, TXI Riverside Cement Settlement
AQMD, TXI Riverside Cement Settle Air Quality
Violations (press release)
HTML 06-24-2008
AQMD, TXI Riverside Cement Settlement Agreement PDF; 1.63Mb 06-25-2008
Initial Hexavalent Chromium Study
Colton Town Hall Meeting Presentation on Study PDF; 1.10Mb 05-29-2008
Riverside Town Hall Meeting Presentation on Study PDF; 1.15Mb 04-21-2008
Memo Describing Study PDF; 858Kb 04-16-2008
Enforcement Actions
Notice of Violation Issued PDF; 29Kb 06-17-2008
Notice of Violation Issued PDF; 56Kb 05-09-2008
Notices of Violation Issued PDF; 403Kb 04-25-2008
Notice of Violation Issued PDF; 62Kb 04-18-2008
Health Effects of Hexavalent Chromium
AQMD Summary of Health Effects PDF; 114Kb 05-06-2008
EPA Consumer Fact Sheet: Chromium HTML November 2006
ATSDR Chromium Fact Sheet PDF; 86Kb February 2001
                          En Español PDF; 74Kb Febrero 2001
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