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2007 Air Quality Management Plan

The Final 2007 Air Quality Management Plan (AQMP) is designed to meet both state and federal Clear Air Act planning requirements for all areas under AQMD jurisdiction, including the South Coast Air Basin (Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County and Riverside County) and the Riverside County portion of the Salton Sea Air Basin (including the Coachella Valley). This AQMP focuses on ozone and PM2.5. The AQMP also incorporates significant new scientific data, emission inventories, ambient measurements, control strategies, and air quality modeling. The Final 2007 AQMP is jointly prepared with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG). The Final 2007 AQMP was adopted by the AQMD Governing Board on June 1, 2007 following the staff presentation (2.6 MB, pdf file) and public comments.

At its June 1, 2007 meeting, the AQMD Board approved the 2007 Final AQMP Adoption Resolution and established a 30-day public hearing notice for consideration of SCAG's Goods Movement Control Measures and adoption of the Transportation Conformity Budgets. However, SCAG has since requested the removal of those measures at this time.  Additional details regarding this Board action can be found in the Board Agenda Item. On July 13, 2007, the AQMD Board adopted 2007 Final AQMP Transportation Conformity Budgets and directed the Executive Officer to forward the adopted 2007 AQMP Transportation Conformity Budgets to the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for its approval and subsequent submittal to the U.S. EPA.

The 2007 AQMP and related documents are available as Adobe Acrobat PDF files.

Final 2007 AQMP
(Complete document excluding appendices) (8.8mb  - PDF)

Title Page (16kb - PDF)

Resolution and Attachment 1 (4.7mb - PDF)

Table of Contents (31kb - PDF)

Preface and Executive Summary (1.7mb - PDF)

Chapter 1 - Introduction (461kb - PDF)

Chapter 2 - Air Quality and Health Effects (1.2mb - PDF)

Chapter 3 - Base Year and Future Emissions (436kb - PDF)

Chapter 4 - AQMP Control Strategy (595kb - PDF)

Chapter 5 - Future Air Quality (781kb - PDF)

Chapter 6 - Clean Air Act Requirements (395kb  - PDF)

Chapter 7 - Implementation (363kb - PDF)

Chapter 8 - Future Air Quality - Desert Nonattainment Areas (362kb - PDF)

Chapter 9 - Contingency Measures (300kb - PDF)

Chapter 10 - Looking Beyond Current Requirements (342kb - PDF)

Chapter 11 - Ultrafine Particles (355kb - PDF)

Chapter 12 - Request to Redesignate the South Coast Air Basin as Extreme Nonattainment and the Coachella Valley Portion of the Salton Sea Air Basin as Severe-15 (319kb PDF)

Glossary (323kb - PDF)

Appendix I - Health Effects ( 280kb - PDF)

Appendix II - Current Air Quality (824kb - PDF)

Appendix III - Base and Future Year Emission Inventories (1.1mb - PDF)

Appendix IV- A - District's Stationary and Mobile Source Control Measures (627kb - PDF)

Appendix IV-B-1 - Air Resources Board's Proposed State Strategy for California's 2007 State Implementation Plan (2.5mb - PDF)

Appendix IV-B-2 - District Staff's Proposed Policy Options to Supplement CARB's Control Strategy (320kb - PDF)

Appendix IV-B-3 - District Implementation of the Carl Moyer Memorial Air Quality Standards Attainment Program (215mb - PDF)

Appendix IV-C Regional Transportation Strategy and Control Measures (1.7mb - PDF)

Appendix V - Modeling and Attainment Demonstrations (3.8mb - PDF)

Appendix VI - Reasonably Available Control Measures (RACM) (193kb - PDF)

Final Socioeconomic Report for the Final 2007 AQMP

Final Program Environmental Impact Report for the Final 2007 AQMP

Supporting Documents for Proposed Revisions to the PM2.5 and Ozone State Implementation Plan for the South Coast Air Basin and Coachella Valley

Table 1 - SCAQMD PM2.5 SIP Implementation Status for the 2007 AQMP (TPD) (88kb - PDF)

Table 2 - 2007 AQMP Emission Reduction Commitment by Measure/Adoption Date (VOC) (126kb - PDF)

Table 3 - 2007 AQMP Emission Reduction Commitment by Measure/Adoption Date (NOx) (58kb - PDF)

Table 4 - 2007 AQMP Emission Reduction Commitment by Measure/Adoption Date (PM2.5) (56kb - PDF)

Table 5 - 2007 AQMP Emission Reduction Commitment by Measure/Adoption Date (SOx) (53kb - PDF)

On June 22, 2007, CARB held a hearing at the LAX Marriott Hotel.  At the meeting members of the public, elected officials, as well as AQMD Board Members and staff had recommended more aggressive actions to reduce emissions from mobile sources, which contribute over 80 percent of the particulate matter pollution in our region, and are responsible for impacting our health.  Based on public input received at the hearing, CARB delayed the adoption of its State Strategy.  Instead, the CARB Board directed its staff to work closely with the AQMD to strengthen the plan to further reduce emissions.

The outcome of this joint effort between CARB and AQMD staff was presented to the CARB Governing at its September 27, 2007 meeting to consider the revised State Strategy proposal.  CARB staff identified several mobile source control strategies that could be strengthened together with local, federal and AQMP measures that when implemented would result in an equivalent of 74 tons per day of NOx reductions to assure attainment of the PM2.5 standard in 2015.

Through their ensuing votes, on September 27, 2007, the CARB Board adopted the State Strategy for the 2007 State Implementation Plan and the 2007 South Coast Air Quality Management Plan as part of the (SIP). The staff reports describing the State Strategy and the 2007 South Coast portion of the SIP can be found at

A working group had been formed to solicit comments and suggestions during the development of EGM-01 – Emission Reductions from New or Redevelopment Projects.  The working group is not currently active.

For information about the 2007 AQMP,
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