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2012 Air Quality
Management Plan (AQMP)

link to Revised Draft AQMP (September 2012)
link to Draft Final AQMP (November 2012)
Link to Final CARB/EPA/SIP Submittal (December 2012)
Link to Final 2012 AQMP (February 2013)

Draft 2012 AQMP (July 2012)

Full document, excluding appendices (PDF, 10M)
(For navigation purposes, the Table of Contents & chapter title pages are hyperlinked within the document.)


  • Appendix I:         Health Effects (PDF, 4M)
  • Appendix II:        Current Air Quality (PDF, 4M)
  • Appendix III:       Base and Future Year Emission Inventory (PDF, 3M)
  • Appendix IV(A):  District's Stationary Source Control Measures (PDF, 756k)
  • Appendix IV(B):  Proposed Section 182(e)(5) Implementation Measures (PDF, 968k)
  • Appendix IV(C):  Regional Transportation Strategies & Control Measures (PDF, 566k)
  • Appendix V:       Modeling & Attainment Demonstrations (PDF, 9M)
  • Appendix VI:      Reasonably Available Control Measures (RACM) Demonstration (PDF, 607k)