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Air Quality Permit Checklist

California Government Code Section 65850.2 (DOC, 35 KB) requires that the business/property owner or authorized agent indicate whether the owner or authorized agent will need to comply with the applicable requirements of the Health and Safety Code or the requirements for a permit for construction or modification from the air quality management district exercising jurisdiction in the area of the proposed project.

This Air Quality Permit checklist (PDF and DOC links to document below) will help determine if your business needs to obtain permitting/registration clearance from the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD).  For further information on whether your business may require permits, you may also reference SCAQMD Rule 219 - Equipment Not Requiring a Written Permit Pursuant to Regulation II (PDF, 113 KB).

This does not apply to applications solely for residential construction.  For further details, please contact the Small Business Assistance Office at (800) CUT-SMOG or

Air Quality Permit checklist (PDF, 18 KB)

Air Quality Permit checklist (DOC, 41 KB)


*For asbestos/demolition information, contact the Asbestos Hotline at (909) 396-2336.  Asbestos information is also available at:

This page updated: February 09, 2011