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Small Business Assistance


Call the Small Business Assistance Office at 1-800-CUT-SMOG
(800-288-7664, choose menu option 3, menu option 4)
Or call us directly at 909-396-3529

If we can't help you, we will find someone who can!

Our staff will show you the most effective
means of complying with AQMD Rules and Regulations.

The AQMD Small Business Assistance Office helps small business owners to comply with AQMD rules and regulations, permit conditions, and recordkeeping through a variety of services offered.  We help small business operators find out which rules apply to their operations, how to meet AQMD requirements, and how to keep records.  We act as advocates for the small business owners/operators within AQMD.  Just give us a call and we will respond to your request ASAP.

Free Technical Assistance
If you need to find out which rules affect you or have any other compliance issues, we provide free technical consultations either on-site, by phone, through e-mail, or at AQMD Headquarters on request.  We will help with permit applications as well as provide compliance assistance.

Variance Petitions
If you cannot comply with air pollution control laws, and you need temporary relief while working toward a solution without being subject to penalties,  you may need to obtain a variance. We provide assistance to small businesses in preparing for variance petition filings with the Hearing Board.

Dry Cleaner Grant Program
AQMD's Governing Board has authorized financial incentives to help small businesses in the region.  We offer assistance in applying for a  Dry Cleaner Grant  to help dry cleaners convert to non-perchloroethylene, cleaning systems such as professional wet-cleaning and CO2.

Fee Review Committee
The AQMD fee review committee resolves permit fee issues between regulated businesses and the AQMD.  We assist small business owners in filing for a Fee Review request.

Clearance Letter Program
For city and county staff, California state law requires that business owners need to comply with the applicable permitting/registration requirements of the AQMD prior to the granting of an occupancy permit. This Air Quality Permit checklist will help to determine what is necessary to obtain clearance from AQMD.

AQMD hosts various small business events throughout the year which provide a bridge for communication between business owners, AQMD staff, and AQMD Board members. Please join us at these events, which are usually free of charge, and give us your feedback.

Contact Us
If your business needs AQMD assistance, please contact one of our small business assistance staff for further information.