Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I submit a nomination?

A: Nominations for the annual Clean Air Awards are now open.  Please click here for more information on how to submit your nomination.

Q: What happens to my nomination after I submit it?

A: Nominations are received and entered into a database. Once the nomination deadline has occurred, all nominations are given to the Nomination Committee for review.  The Nomination Committee is made up of senior personnel from South Coast AQMD as well as individuals from a variety of arenas who are not employed by South Coast AQMD.

Q: How do I determine eligibility?

A: Individual, public, and private entities, educational institutions, media organizations, and service organizations who have demonstrated an acute awareness of the air quality problem within the South Coast AQMD region, and have taken some exemplary action to improve air quality are eligible.

Q: When are the winners announced?

A: Winners will be notified in early September and typically announced to the public the week prior the event. Consolatory letters will be mailed in early September.

Q: How much information is typically submitted in a nomination?

A: There is no set amount.  We ask that you provide us as much information as is necessary to explain why you believe the person or entity being nominated deserves an award and meets the criteria for that category. Please be as clear and concise as possible and submit any attachments that would help support the nomination.    

Q: How can I purchase tickets to the awards? Is there a limit?

A: Tickets and tables will be available for purchase this summer.

Q: How long is the awards show?

A: The awards show is a luncheon that begins at 11:30 a.m. and typically lasts for about two hours.

Q: Can I nominate a minor?

A: Yes. We have a category called the Youth Leadership in Air Quality award.  

If you have any questions relating to the South Coast AQMD's Clean Air Awards, please contact us at:

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