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Perc Dry Cleaning Operations


Most dry cleaners use perchloroethylene (perc) as a cleaning solvent.  If your dry cleaning business uses perc, the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) requires that you keep records that show the amount of perc used each day.  Keeping usage records is important to show compliance with or exemption from AQMDs Rule 1421 (Control of Perchloroethylene Emissions from Dry Cleaning Systems) and operating permit requirements.

Here, in one place for your convenience, you will find answers to the following questions:

New Streamlined Recordkeeping Form

Rule 1421 requires dry cleaners using perc as a cleaning solvent to keep the following perc usage records on site for two years:

  • Daily records showing pounds of materials cleaned per load.

  • Date(s) and gallons of perc added by the dry cleaner to the solvent tank of each machine on the premises.

  • Annual report showing:

    • Proof of certified training for each trained operator.

    • Total pounds of materials cleaned per load and gallons of perc used for all solvent additions in the reporting period.

    • Average facility mileage from all solvent additions in the reporting period.

 A new streamlined form enables dry cleaners to keep daily records of the above information for an entire year on a single page. 

 Proper completion of this one-page form, along with purchase records and delivery receipts for perc and completed Leak Inspection and Operation & Maintenance Checklists will help ensure compliance with Rule 1421 recordkeeping requirements.

Questions? Feedback?

Call AQMDs Perc Dry Cleaner Hotline at (909) 396-3529 or (800) 425-6247 to request additional information and assistance or send questions or feedback to

This page updated: May 05, 2010