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This document search service provides public access to a variety of documents and permit information for facilities located within the SCAQMD's jurisdiction that have obtained permits to use equipment that emit air contaminants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    2. Can I search for more than one facility at a time?

    Searches can be conducted either for a single facility, or for multiple facilities within a user-defined search criteria, such as all facilities within a zip code. To search for information on a single facility, enter the facility name or ID. To search for all permitted facilities in a desired search criteria, enter information in the field or fields you want to search for, such as a zip code, or a street. If you want to search for one or more facilities, but only know part of the criteria, (for example, you know the name of a street where a facility is located, but you don’t know the specific street number or whether it is a street, avenue or other thoroughfare) there is also a Wild Card Search feature.

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    3. How do I perform a Wild Card Search?

    To use this feature, use asterisks (*) in your search. For certain fields, you may enter partial information, then use an asterisk at the end of your search to show documents that contain the criteria you entered. For example, to search for facilities whose name starts with Cos, you would enter Cos* in the facility name field. You may also put asterisks on either side of the data you enter. For example, where only a partial street name is known, in the street name field type an asterisk, then a few of the letters within the street name, then an asterisk. Thus, you would enter *Westmin*.

    The Wild Card Search DOES NOT work for numeric search fields, such as:

    • Facility ID
    • Case Numbers
    • Any field that requires a date

    The Wild Card Search ONLY works for alphanumeric search fields, such as:

    • Application Number
    • Permit Number
    • Facility Name
    • Address
    • City
    • Zip Code
    • Comments
    • Author
    • Title
    • Subject
    • Local Call Number
    • Inspector ID
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    4. What will each of the search queries return to me?

    Selecting one of the search queries below will return the following types of documents:

    • "AQMP Comments" will return comments received on the AQMP, both the 2012 and 2016 plans.
    • "AQMP Socio-Economic Comments" will return comments received on the Socio-Economic analysis performed for the AQMP (only 2016 currently).
    • "BACT Documents" will return documents/information on the Best Available Control Technology (BACT) sources.
    • "Engineering Policy Memos" will return memos that have been distributed to engineering and compliance staff to provide further clarification, interpretation or guidelines for SCAQMD rules and regulations
    • "Hearing Board Documents" will return documents for cases brought before SCAQMD's Hearing Board.
    • "Notices of Violation" will return tickets that have been issued to facilities that are deemed out of compliance with applicable SCAQMD rule requirements, permit conditions or legal requirements, or with applicable state or federal air pollution regulations at the time the notice was issued.
    • "Permits to Construct" will return an image of the temporary equipment Permit to Construct and associated operating conditions (restrictions placed upon the equipment concerning how long it can run, how often it needs to be cleaned/maintained, etc.).  Only Permits to Construct issued after September 25, 2016 are available.  This archive Currently DOES NOT include facility permits for RECLAIM or Title V facilities.
    • "Permits to Operate" will return an image of the equipment permit and associated operating conditions (restrictions placed upon the equipment concerning how long it can run, how often it needs to be cleaned/maintained, etc.).  Currently DOES NOT include facility permits for RECLAIM or Title V facilities.
    • "Press Releases" connects to the Media Office archives which include all current and historical Press Releases from the SCAQMD.
    • PSD Comments” – will return all comments submitted during the comment period and SCAQMD’s responses to comments for Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) projects
    • PSD Final Permit” – will return the Final Permit for PSD permit projects
    • PSD Public Notice/Draft Permit” – will return the Public Notice and Draft Permit for PSD projects currently in the comment period
    • "Public Notice Permits" will return all public notices related to permitting activities, including Rule 212 notices, Rule 1118 notices, and Title V permit notices. 
    • "1148.2 Chemical Reports", "1148.2 Emission Reports", and  "1148.2 Notifications" will return oil and gas well activity notification documents, chemical reports, and emission source reports submitted under SCAQMD Rule 1148.2 pertaining to oil and gas well drilling, well completion, and well reworks.
    • "SCAQMD Library Documents" will return a broad variety of publications and reports housed in the onsite Library located at SCAQMD headquarters.
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    5. What is the maximum number of results the search will return?

    The search will return a MAXIMUM of 4,000 results. If your search does return the maximum number, there may be more documents available and it is highly recommended that you refine your search by adding more search criteria.

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    6. What if I can't find what I'm looking for?

    If you can't find a document that you're looking for and believe that it exists at the agency, you will need to submit a Public Records Request to obtain a copy of the document. 

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    7. What browsers are supported?

    The following browsers are supported:

    Supported Browsers
    Microsoft Internet Explorer Microsoft Edge Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome Apple Safari
    Version 9, 10, 11 EdgeHTML 13+ 10+ 10+ 5.1.10+

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    8. Why won't the document display in my browser?

    If a document you are trying to view is larger than 20MB, the document WILL NOT display in the browser. Instead it will prompt you to download it to your hard drive.

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    9. How do I sort the results list?

    To sort the results list, click on the title at the top of any of the columns to sort the list by that column.

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    10. Can I save or download the results list?

    To save all or part of the results list, highlight the lines you want to save using your mouse. Enter Ctrl-C to copy the lines.  Open an Excel spreadsheet and enter Ctrl-V (or select Paste from the toolbar) in the first cell to paste the selected rows.

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