Appoint Members to the AQMD Hearing Board


The terms of office for Joseph Auerbach, Medical Member, and alternate Robert Zweig; and Marti Klein and Marcus Lewis, Public Members, and alternates James Manion and Terry Dipple, expire June 30, 1998. Pursuant to California Health and Safety Code Section 40501.1(b), an Advisory Committee, consisting of one representative appointed by each of the Counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino, and the City of Los Angeles shall be appointed to interview each candidate and make recommendations to a standing committee of the Board (the Administrative Committee is currently chartered to handle such issues). This action is to appoint the Medical, Public and Alternate Members to three-year terms terminating June 30, 2001. This item was reviewed by the Administrative Committee on April 17, 1998, and recommended for approval.


Administrative, April 17, 1998, Recommended for Approval


Approve the following appointments/reappointments to the AQMD Hearing Board,
effective July 1, 1998 with terms ending June 30, 2001:

Joseph D. Auerbach, Medical Member Alternate: Robert Zweig
Marcus Lewis, Public Member Alternate: Sharon H. Morris
Marti Klein, Public Member Alternate: Barry Read

Barry Wallerstein, D.Env.
ActingExecutive Officer


Pursuant to Health and Safety Code Section 40501.1(b), a Hearing Board Advisory Com-mittee composed of one representative appointed by each of the Counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino, and the City of Los Angeles, was appointed to make recommendations regarding appointments to the AQMD’s Hearing Board. The Advisory Committee [ Dr. Tom Tyson, Chair, Orange County representative; Dr. Jack Witz, Los Angeles County representative; Detrich B. Allen, City of Los Angeles representative; Daniela Fernandez, San Bernardino County representative; and A. Norton Younglove, Riverside County representative] completed its interviews of candidates on April 14, 1998 and recommends the following appointments to the AQMD Hearing Board:

Medical Member: Principal: Joseph D. Auerbach
  Alternate: Robert Zweig
Public Members: Principal: Marti Klein
  Alternate: Barry Read
  Principal: Marcul Lewis
  Alternate: Sharon H. Morris

At the request of the Committee, District staff reviewed the resumes of 11 medical member candidates and 74 public member candidates who submitted resumes for three Hearing Board positions. Based on selected criteria developed by the Committee (Attachments 1 and 2), staff evaluated the resumes submitted and then ranked and grouped the individuals according to their scores. The resumes were reviewed by
La Ronda Bowen, Public Advisor; Dellena Floyd, Affirmative Action Officer; Alene Taber, Senior Manager, Stationary Source Compliance; and Dr. Shankar Prasad, Health Effects Officer. Based on staff's ranking, the Committee then narrowed the candidates to the following short list of candidates who were invited for interviews (resumes attached).

Public Member Candidates:Medical Member Candidates
Jean Getchell Joseph Auerbach
Farooq Khan Robert T. Donaldson
Marti Klein V. Y. Height
Marcus Lewis Robert Zweig
Sharon Morris
Barry Read

On April 17 the Administrative Committee reviewed the recommendations of the Advisory Committee, and concurred in the Committee's recommendations. The individuals recom-mended for appointment were subsequently contacted, and indicated their willingness to serve.


1. Criteria for screening Medical Member/Alternate Position candidates

2. Criteria for screening Public Member/Alternate Position candidates

3. Resumes

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