Technology Advancement Advisory Group

Synopsis of History

In 1990, the AQMD initiated an annual review of the Technology Advancement program by an external panel of technical experts to coordinate and ensure consistency of AQMD activities with related state, federal, and international clean air technology activities.


To provide an independent review of the Technology Advancement program with the objectives of: 
  1. Coordinating the AQMD program with related state, national, and international clean air technology activities; 
  2. Assessing the overall direction of the program to ensure consistency with AQMP, Clean Air Act, and Energy Policy Act goals; and 
  3. Identifying relevant new or emerging project areas and resources for AQMD consideration. 
These objectives are accomplished by review of the Technology Advancement Plan for the Clean Fuels Program and its periodic updates; review of on-going and recently completed projects; periodic critiques of projects, proposals; contractors, and work scopes; and review of related state, national, and international programs.


Approximately 12 technical experts representing industry, academia, state agencies, the scientific community, and environmental interests. Members shall be appointed by the Governing Board's Technology Committee. Appointment of alternates and membership status shall be in accordance with AQMD Resolution 98-1, or such later adopted resolution as may be in effect relating to the Advisory Group membership.  Advisory Group Members.

Meeting Calendar

Meeting Agendas


The Governing Board’s Technology Committee shall be the Board’s liaison with this Advisory Group. This Advisory Group shall meet at least twice a year for programmatic review and periodically, as needed, to provide project specific review. Written comments and suggestions by the committee are incorporated into future budget and program planning, as well as reassessing current projects.

Staff Contact Person:   

Matt Miyasato, 909-396-3249.


Blue Ribbon Panel Regarding Operations of Board Advisory Groups