Helping Hand

The SCAQMD has created the Helping Hand Initiative specifically to help our stakeholders during these tough economic times. We want to help and that is why we will be offering businesses and residents a program suited to their needs. 

Bringing investors and innovators together

Relationships and networking are more important than ever. Jobs are scarce and competition is keen. What helps is getting to know the right people. This summer, we will be bringing together clean air technology developers and venture capitalists at our first conference.

Green Tech Connect Forum

The people with the great, innovative ideas connected to those that can make those great ideas happen.  The Green Tech Connect Forum was held August 3-4, 2009 at the Pasadena Convention Center to assist in expediting the introduction, and potential funding of new, low-emission technologies needed to produce economic, energy sustainability, and clean air benefits.  To view information presented at the forum, visit the conference website at Link to external website.

Contact: Matt Miyasato, Deputy Executive Officer, Science & Technology Advancement

Sponsoring training programs at local community colleges

We will be co-sponsoring educational training through community colleges and private institutions. As experts in the clean fuels transportation technology, we want to share our knowledge with students interested in pursuing careers in the clean energy and transportation technologies.

Part of our plan is to develop curriculum to ensure that available new low- and zero-emission technologies are properly installed and cared for after their introduction. Our education outreach would primarily focus on four local community colleges. We also plan to get in touch with private institutions and offer training to students who would otherwise not be exposed to these advanced technologies.

Contact: Matt Miyasato, Deputy Executive Officer, Science & Technology Advancement

Creating urban forests to achieve health benefits

By partnering with cities and counties, we hope to create healthy urban forests that will assist us in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  The program will provide local and county governments an incentive for additional tree planting, and include student participation with an educational component to further promote environmental stewardship in tomorrow's leaders.

For more information contact: Elaine Chang, Deputy Executive Officer, Planning and Rule Development 909-396-3186,

Enhancing customer service options to make life easier

The SCAQMD is in the process of improving and enhancing our customer service activities for permit applicants and permit holders. Conducting monthly Saturday permit assistance open houses is just one way we hope to make the lives of the busy residents living in our jurisdiction easier. This will enable us to give you the personal assistance your small business needs.

Contact: Mohsen Nazemi, Deputy Executive Officer, Engineering and Compliance

The SCAQMD is committed to protecting public health and cleaning the air. We believe we will be able to overcome these tough times – working together.

Click here for the SCAQMD board letter and work plan for the Helping Hand Initiative.