Marian Coleman

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Assistant Deputy Executive Officer Compliance & Enforcement

Marian Coleman is the Assistant Deputy Executive Officer for the Compliance & Enforcement division of the SCAQMD.  In this capacity, she is responsible for ensuring that stationary sources within SCAQMD’s jurisdiction are in compliance with rules to help meet Federal and State ambient air quality standards.

Marian began her career at the SCAQMD as an Air Quality Inspector in 1986, and subsequently served in positions with increasing levels of responsibility, including Supervising Air Quality Inspector, Air Quality Analysis & Compliance Supervisor and Senior Enforcement Manager.  As a Senior Enforcement Manager she managed the Industrial, Commercial, and Government Operations group responsible for the enforcement of a range of facility types, activities and equipment, including the Portable Equipment Registration Program (PERP), RECLAIM and Title V facilities, aerospace facilities, dry cleaners, auto body shops, and commercial facilities.  During her career, Marian has been involved in numerous high-profile situations, and was instrumental in providing direction and leadership to compliance staff involved in the 2015 Aliso Canyon leak, and more recently the hexavalent chromium emissions in the City of Paramount. 

Marian holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science with a portion of her emphasis in Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Safety & Health, as well certificates in Workplace Health and Safety Management from the University of California, Riverside and Certificate in Confined Space Entry from The Greater Los Angeles Chapter, National Safety Council.