AQMD Air Quality-Related
Energy Policy

The SCAQMD Air Quality-Related Energy Policy integrates air quality, energy, and climate change issues in a coordinated and consolidated manner.  The development of the SCAQMD Air Quality-Related Energy Policy occurred over several months with extensive input from more than 140 business, community and environmental organizations, and government agencies through their participation in numerous stakeholder meetings and written comments.  During the development of the energy policy, seven draft versions were released for comment along with a socioeconomic analysis.  The finalized Air Quality-Related Energy Policy was adopted at the September 9, 2011 Governing Board meeting.

The policy document first presents an overall view of energy consumption within the Basin in 2008 and the related NOx, air toxics, and CO2 emissions contributed by energy type.  Ten air quality-related energy policies to guide and coordinate SCAQMD efforts are presented, followed by ten actions to support the policies.

Public Hearing SCAQMD Governing Board Meeting, (September 9, 2011)
  -  Board-Approved Energy Policy (September 9, 2011) (193kb)
  -  Board-Approved Energy Policy (underline/strikeout) (September 9, 2011) (616kb)
  -  Staff Presentation (September 9, 2011) (962k)

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