Download and Installation

System Requirements

NEAT is compatible with Windows machines with at least 8 GB of RAM. It may be possible to run NEAT on a computer with less memory, but there may not be enough memory to calculate scenarios that involve all climate zones or all housing types simultaneously.


Download the NEAT Installer here:  NEAT Installer Version 1.11 Beta

Note:  The size of the installer file is over 1.2 Gigabytes and the download may take over 20 minutes depending on internet traffic.  It is recommended to download the installer outside of regular business hours.

Installation Instructions

Run NEATInstaller_mcr.exe and follow the prompts. Note that there may be a slight delay after running the installer and before the installation window appears. There is no need to set up the “Connection Settings”. NEAT must be installed into a folder with write access. If you are unsure which folder to install NEAT to, install it to a subfolder in your “My Documents” folder.

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