Final 2002 Coachella Valley PM10 State Implementation Plan

The Plan is divided into several sections, as shown below

Plan documents are in Portable Document Format (PDF).

The Plan is divided into several sections, as shown below.

Part I (PDF, 553kb)

  • Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary

  • Chapter 1
    -Background Information

  • Chapter 2
    -PM10 Air Quality

  • Chapter 3
    -Emission Inventory Update

Part II  (PDF, 206kb)

  • Chapter 4
    -Most Stringent Measures (Msm) Analysis

  • Chapter 5
    –Proposed Control Strategy

  • Chapter 6
    -Attainment Demonstration

  • Chapter 7
    – Natural Events Action Plan Status And Update

  • Chapter 8
    –Request For Extension Of The 2001 Pm10 Attainment Deadline

  • References

Part III (PDF, 107kb)

  • Appendix A 
    – CV Air Quality Task Force Meetings and Members

  • Appendix B
    – March 2001 Dust Control Plan Review Guidance for Coachella Valley Jurisdictions

Part IV (PDF, 34kb)

  • Appendix C
    -Response to Comments

Appendix D - Comment Letters were posted as an attachment to the Governing Board letter approving the 2002 PM10 plan in a self-extracting zip file.

Environmental Documents

Final Negative Declaration (PDF, 185kb)
Response to Comments & Comment Letters on Final Negative Declaration (PDF, 627kb)
Bundled Environmental Documents (ZIP, 741kb)

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