Dr. Clark E. Parker, Sr.

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Appointing Authority - Senate Rules Committee

Dr. Clark E. Parker, Sr was appointed to the SCAQMD Board by the California Senate Rules Committee on June 1, 2012. Dr. Parker is a successful business executive and has worked extensively in a variety of businesses and industries. Dr. Parker chairs the SCAQMD Board's Mobile Source and Refinery Committees. He also serves on the Legislative, Administrative and Personnel Committees for SCAQMD and the California Fuel Cell Partnership.

Dr. Parker was Manager of the Operations Research Department for Tidewater and Getty Oil. During his work with Tidewater and Getty Oil, he wrote several computer programs that simulated and modeled Crude Oil Refineries, using linear programming simulation techniques (1962-1963).

Dr. Parker worked for IBM where he was involved in marketing hardware and software to the oil and gas industry and to the insurance and banking industry (1963-1967).

Dr. Parker was Vice President for PennCorp Financial, a New York Stock Exchange Company that owned multiple Insurance Companies, Banks and Brokerage firms; he headed corporate acquisitions during his tenure with PennCorp Financial. Dr. Parker held this position with PennCorp for 15 years (1967-1982).

Dr. Parker has served as a member of the California Professional Fiduciaries Advisory Commission. Dr. Parker was an alternate member to the Coastal Commission and a member of the California Senate Select Committee on Telecommunication; he has served as an Advisory Member of the University of California Santa Barbara Foundation Board; and he has served as an advisor to California Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O’Connell.

Dr. Parker is currently the Honorary Consul General for the Central African Republic Government.

Dr. Parker’s career endeavors have led him to be the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Spectrum Surveillance Systems and View Park Development Corporation [38 years], and he has developed hundreds of commercial and residential properties throughout Southern Calif.  Dr. Parker is currently a Licensed General Contractor and Real Estate Developer; he is also a California Licensed Real Estate Broker. Dr. Parker currently holds a General Building, Electrical, Plumbing, and Low Voltage Systems California Contractor’s License.

His educational background has allowed him to earn and hold a Bachelor of Science Degree (BS) from the University of Minnesota, a Master of Science (MS) from Redlands University, a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) from the University of Central Arizona, and a Honorary Doctor of Laws from Laurence University. Dr. Parker holds an Advanced and Basic Certification from UCLA and an Associate of Arts Degree from the Center for Early Education in Los Angeles, California.  Dr. Parker holds several Teaching Certificates and Credentials.

Dr. Parker has traveled extensively, throughout Europe, South America and Africa.

Dr. Parker is and has been married to Dr. Jeanette E. Grattan Parker for 54 years - they have two children, Alysia and Clark Jr. The Parkers have four (4) grandchildren.