SCAQMD maintains a broad variety of publications and information on Air Quality, Clean Air Plans, Rules and Regulations, CEQA Findings, and Technology Research.

Visit this section for downloadable versions of:

  • Activity Reports 
  • Annual Reports
  • Financial Reports
  • Guidelines 
  • Labotarory Test Methods, Source Test Methods & Protocols
  • Meeting Agendas & Minutes 
  • Newsletters & Brochures
  • RECLAIM Reports 
  • Sample Templates for contracts, Permit Evaluation, and Analyzing Construction of Air Quality Impacts 
  • Staff Reports

Additional Resources:

Our onsite Library, located at our Diamond Bar headquarters, is also open to the public

Call or visit the Public Information Center located in the lobby of our Diamond Bar facility to obtain printed copies of rules, rule amendments and proposed rules, public workshops, hearings & meetings notices, Governing Board Agenda Items, or brochures and publications.

Access archived meeting video footage in our Webcasts area.