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As the air pollution control agency for all of Orange County and the urban portions of Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, SCAQMD collects data on current air quality, provides forecasts and analyzes trends in levels of pollutants. In addition, SCAQMD staff models and provides data for specific projects.

Current Advisories -- PDF
Current Hourly Air Quality Map
Today's Forecast Map
Tomorrow's Forecast Map
Tomorrow's Forecast
Text-based - includes Agricultural & Wildland Fires burn forecast
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EPA AirNOW Air Quality Animation Map Link to external website.
CARB Current Ozone Summary Table Link to external website.
Check Before You Burn (residential fireplaces)
(in effect Nov. 1 - end of Feb.)
NOTE: Data for the current hourly air quality map are taken directly from the District's monitoring system and have not been validated and, therefore, are subject to change. Data for today's forecast map and tomorrow’s forecast map map are a result of air quality modeling calculations prepared by our meteorologists.

Current Air Quality Data
The hourly data is available from the links above in two formats: (1) as AQI values for comparison against the health-based air quality levels, and (2) as monitoring data in ppm or μg/m3. The raw monitoring data can be downloaded also for specific date ranges.  A description of the AQI levels and AQMD recommended cautionary statements can be found at Air Quality Index (PDF, 348kb).

Other Data Presentations

The California Air Resources Board Link to external website. has current and historic data for the South Coast, as well as the whole state, including the Latest Ozone Summary. Link to external website.

Meteorological and Air Quality Data for AERMOD Applications

SCAQMD staff has developed AERMOD-ready meteorological data files for use in dispersion modeling. Please click here to access the data sets.

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Wildfire Smoke & Ash Health Information & Safety Tips

In addition to our long-term ambient air quality monitoring program, SCAQMD conducts specialized measurement and analysis studies to address specific air quality issues.

Air Quality Monitoring Studies

Monitoring studies of air quality in the vicinity of specific industrial sites or communities, both criteria and toxic air pollutants

Health Studies

Studies of the effects of ambient air pollutants on health

Special Monitoring and Emissions Studies

Results of monitoring on specific issues such as wood smoke from beach fires, or site-specific investigations.

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