SCAQMD Data for Air Quality Dispersion Modeling Applications (AERMOD)

For guidance related to using AERMOD for permit applications, please see the following:
Atmospheric dispersion models require meteorological data (i.e., winds, air temperature, atmospheric stability, mixed layer heights, etc.) to simulate the transport and dispersion of emitted pollutants.  SCAQMD staff has developed meteorological data for use with the U.S. EPA’s dispersion models ISCST3 and AERMOD.

Meteorological data developed for use in U.S. EPA’s air dispersion model ISCST3 are no longer available for download.  ISCST3 meteorological data files can only be obtained via special request.  After October 1, 2017, all risk assessments and criteria pollutant analyses should be conducted using AERMOD to comply with Rule 1401 requirements.

To receive updates on modeling guidance and data, please visit the SCAQMD Sign-Up page!  "Modeling Guidance and Data Updates" will be located under the Clean Air Plans/CEQA Updates section.