CPV Sentinel Monitoring


To better assess any potential emission impacts from the 800 megawatt CPV Sentinel natural gas-powered electric generation facility to the Desert Hot Springs area, the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) operates an air pollution monitor directly downwind of the power plant. The monitor measures levels of fine particulates (PM2.5) on a continuous basis, providing real-time hourly data.

Below are links to the data 

Recent Hourly Data: Hourly PM2.5 (ug/m3) concentrations for the last 24 hours

Historical Data: Table of Past Hourly PM2.5 (ug/m3) concentrations updated weekly
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It should be noted that an exceedance of the concentration level of a federal standard does not necessarily mean that the NAAQS was violated or that it would cause a nonattainment designation. The 24-hour PM2.5 NAAQS (35 ug/m3) is the 3-year average of the annual 98th percentile of the daily maximum 1-hour average concentrations. The annual PM2.5 NAAQS (12 ug/m3) is the annual average concentration, averaged over three years.

CPV Sentinel Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).