Air Quality Management Plan (AQMP)

Periodically, the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) prepares an Air Quality Management Plan (AQMP) to demonstrate how the region will reduce air pollution emissions to meet the federal and state health based standards, to comply with Clean Air Act requirements,and to incorporate the latest technical planning information.  The following is a comprehensive list of all the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) and the California Ambient Air Quality Standards (CAAQS), attainment designation for the South Coast Air Basin, and attainment date.

     NAAQS/CAAQS and Attainment Status for South Coast Air Basin - February 2016 (PDF, 128k)

Current Air Quality Management Plan Development

Staff is in the process of developing the 2016 AQMP, which is a comprehensive and integrated Plan primarily focused on addressing the ozone and PM2.5 standards.  The Plan will be a regional and multi-agency effort (SCAQMD, California Air Resources Board, Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) and US Environmental Protection Agency).  State and federal planning requirements include developing control strategies, attainment demonstrations, reasonable further progress, and maintenance plans.  As with every AQMP, a comprehensive analysis of emissions, meteorology, atmospheric chemistry, regional growth projections, and the impact of existing control measures is updated with the latest data and methods. The result is targeted level of emissions in the Basin that would allow attainment of the NAAQS.  The 2016 AQMP will incorporate the latest scientific and technical information and planning assumptions, including the latest applicable growth assumptions, Regional Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy, and updated emission inventory methodologies for various source categories.

Previous Air Quality Management Plan

The 2012 Air Quality Management Plan was adopted by the SCAQMD Governing Board on December 7, 2012.  It incorporates the latest scientific and technological information and planning assumptions, including the 2012 Regional Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy and updated emission inventory methodologies for various source categories.  The 2012 AQMP included the new and changing federal requirements, implementation of new technology measures, and the continued development of economically sound, flexible compliance approaches. Control measure IND-01 was approved for adoption and inclusion in the Final 2012 AQMP at the February 1, 2013 Governing Board meeting.  A Supplement to the 2012 AQMP was prepared to demonstrate attainment of the 24-hour PM2.5 standard by 2015.  The Governing Board approved the Supplement on February 5, 2015, and submitted to CARB / U.S.EPA for approval as part of the California SIP.

Final 2015 Supplement to the 2012 AQMP - February 2015 (PDF, 1MB)
      Governing Board Resolution - February 5, 2015 (PDF, 648kb)

Final 2012 Air Quality Management Plan (February 2013)

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