Revised Draft 2016 AQMP
(October 2016)

Please submit comments by November 7, 2016 for the Draft Final Plan. 

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2016 AQMP Comment Letters

Individual Chapters and Appendices

APPENDIX I: Health Effects (PDF, 1Mb) Draft version being updated in response to comments received
Comment Letters  

APPENDIX II: Current Air Quality (PDF, 6Mb) - October 2016 NEW!

APPENDIX III: Base & Future Year Emission Inventory (PDF, 2Mb) - October 2016 NEW!

APPENDIX IV-A: SCAQMD's Stationary & Mobile Source Control Measures (PDF, 5Mb) - October 2016 NEW!
APPENDIX IV-B: CARB's Mobile Source Strategy (PDF, 3Mb) - October 2016 NEW!

APPENDIX IV-C: Regional Transportation Strategy & Control Measures (PDF, 4Mb) - October 2016 NEW!

APPENDIX V: Modeling & Attainment Demonstrations (PDF, 35Mb) - Draft version still out for review

APPENDIX VI: Compliance with Other Clean Air Act Requirements (PDF, 1Mb) - Draft version still out for review