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Updated December 20, 2014

CFW Report December 2014 - Full Report and Tables and Figures, (PDF, 658 kb)

January 23rd Town Hall Meeting Presentation, (PDF, 1.33MB)


Carlton Forge Works (CFW) operates furnaces, presses and grinders at its facility in Paramount to manufacture large metal rings used by aerospace and other industries. As part of its on-going investigation of air quality complaints and community concerns about potential burnt metal odors and emission from CFW, the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) has performed stack testing and ambient air sampling, as well as other material sampling at and around CFW to evaluate emissions from CFW.
Based on the results of air sampling to date, SCAQMD has found ambient levels of some metals measured on few days in August, September and October 2013 at concentrations significantly higher than average levels measured throughout the basin.  However, more recent measured ambient concentrations have declined.
Specifically, SCAQMD measured high levels of nickel (Ni) on two days in August and one day each in September and October 2013 that exceeded the Reference Exposure Levels (RELs) established by the California state (Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment - OEHHA) for short term exposures. RELs are concentration levels below which one is not expected to have any adverse health effects, but are also used as indicators to determine whether additional investigation is needed to protect public health.
While sample results are limited and still preliminary, these elevated levels of Ni appear to be associated with direct emissions from CFW on or near its Paramount facility. Consistent with these findings, materials tests conducted by SCAQMD also showed that concentrations of metal fallout from the air in and around CFW gradually decreased farther away from the facility.

What SCAQMD Is Doing

In August 2013, SCAQMD requested that CFW complete an extensive report of its air toxic emissions for calendar year 2012. Based on the report, SCAQMD may require that Carlton Forge prepare a more detailed health risk assessment that will analyze potential public health impacts of its operations. CFW has filed applications at SCAQMD’s request for its grinding and air pollution control equipment and systems.
SCAQMD is continuing its complaint response and investigations of CFW operations and will continue to perform air sampling at locations near the facility to better evaluate community long term exposure levels. SCAQMD has also initiated a rulemaking to propose to its Governing Board adoption of a new rule to reduce emissions from metal forging, grinding and processing operations.

What CFW Is Doing

In response to SCAQMD’s extensive, on-going investigations, CFW has taken the following steps to improve the collection and control efficiency of its air pollution control equipment to reduce the facility’s emissions:

  • Moved the grinding operations closer to dust collection devices;

  • Increased the air flow through its air pollution control equipment; 

  • Closed the roof vents and isolated the grinding area by installing plastic strip curtains;

  • Modified some of the grinding station collection booths and evaluated additional changes to improve fugitive dust collection efficiency;

  • Increased the frequency and improved the effectiveness of housekeeping practices; 

  • Hired a consultant to source test baghouse metal emissions and to perform ambient monitoring for metals in the vicinity of the facility.  

For any questions, please contact Derrick Alatorre, Assistant Deputy Executive Officer/Public Advisor at 909-396-3122 or via email at

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