Current and Historical Active ERC and STERC Lists

Select from the years listed below to view active ERCs and STERCs for a specific month and year. The listings are in chronological order from 2008 to the present.

The files linked here are in Microsoft Excel format, .xls.

Starting with the August 2018 data, the ERC and STERC Lists includes a Summary Sheet that lists the total available ERCs and STERCs by pollutant.

Current Active ERC and STERC Lists: March (XLS, 312kb)

Previous Active ERC and STERC Lists:
January (XLS, 311kb)
February (XLS, 311kb)

January (XLS, 309 kb)
February (XLS, 309 kb)
March (XLS, 309 kb)
April (XLS, 316 kb)
May (XLS, 315 kb)
June (XLS, 316 kb)
July (XLS, 315 kb)
August (XLS, 316 kb)
September (XLS, 316 kb)
October (XLS, 314 kb)
November (XLS, 315 kb)
December (XLS, 314 kb)

January (XLS, 307 kb)
February (XLS, 311 kb)
March (XLS, 310 kb)
April (XLS, 311 kb)
May (XLS, 310 kb)
June (XLS, 311 kb)
July (XLS, 311 kb)
August (XLS, 308 kb)
September (XLS, 312 kb)
October (XLS, 312 kb)
November (XLS, 311 kb)
December (XLS, 311 kb)

January (XLS, 311 kb)
February (XLS, 312 kb)
March (XLS, 311 kb)
April (XLS, 312 kb)
May (XLS, 312 kb)
June (XLS, 313 kb)
July (XLS, 306 kb)
August (XLS, 310 kb)
September (XLS, 309 kb)
October (XLS, 309 kb)
November (XLS, 309 kb)
December (XLS, 310 kb)

January (XLS, 326 kb)
February (XLS, 313 kb)
March (XLS, 326 kb)
April (XLS, 335 kb)
May (XLS, 332 kb)
June (XLS, 325 kb)
July (XLS, 335 kb)
August (XLS, 325 kb)
September (XLS, 334 kb)
October (XLS, 325 kb)
November (XLS, 333 kb)
December (XLS, 315 kb)

January (XLS, 327 kb)
February (XLS, 330 kb)
March (XLS, 332 kb)
April (XLS, 330 kb)
May (XLS, 330 kb)
June (XLS, 333 kb)
July (XLS, 329 kb)
August (XLS, 328 kb)
September (XLS, 328 kb)
October (XLS, 335 kb)
November (XLS, 336 kb)
December (XLS, 327 kb)

January (XLS, 319 kb)
February (XLS, 318 kb)
March (XLS, 317 kb)
April (XLS, 322 kb)
May (XLS, 317 kb)
June (XLS, 315 kb)
July (XLS, 322 kb)
August (XLS, 328 kb)
September (XLS, 325 kb)
October   (XLS, 357 kb)
November (XLS, 355 kb)
December (XLS, 360kb)


January (XLS, 324 kb)
February (XLS, 316 kb)
March (XLS, 322 kb)
April (XLS, 319 kb)
May (XLS, 326 kb)
June (XLS, 321 kb)
July (XLS, 324 kb)
August (XLS, 119 kb)
September (XLS, 323 kb)
October (XLS, 326 kb)
November (XLS, 324 kb)
December (XLS, 332 kb)


January (XLS, 339 kb)
February (XLS, 341 kb)
March (XLS,  341 kb)
April (XLS, 341 kb)
May (XLS, 337 kb)
June (XLS, 336 kb)
July (XLS, 333 kb)
August (XLS, 339 kb)
September (XLS, 337 kb)
October (XLS, 340 kb)
November (XLS, 341 kb)
December (XLS, 331  kb)


January (XLS, 361 kb)
February (XLS, 358 kb)
March (XLS, 358 kb)
April (XLS, 355 kb)
May (XLS, 354 kb)
June (XLS, 359 kb)
July (XLS, 363 kb)
August (XLS, 358 kb)
September (XLS, 357 kb)
October (XLS, 362 kb)
November (XLS, 358 kb)
December (XLS, 336 kb)


January (XLS, 405kb)
February (XLS, 398kb)
March (XLS, 397kb)
April (XLS, 395kb)
May (XLS 399kb)
June (XLS 390kb)
July (XLS 394kb)
August (XLS 387 kb)
September (XLS 387 kb)
October (XLS 389 kb)
November (XLS 384 kb)
December (XLS 367 kb)
H&S Code 40709-5 2014 Final Report (pdf 90kb)


January (XLS, 439kb)
February (XLS, 437kb)
March (XLS, 433kb)
April (XLS, 438kb)
May (XLS, 430kb)
June (XLS, 423kb)
July (XLS, 422kb)
August (XLS, 422kb)
September (XLS, 427kb)
October (XLS, 420kb)
November (XLS, 415kb)
December (XLS, 386kb)
H&S Code 40709-5 2013 Report Final (pdf 109kb)

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January (XLS, 397kb)
February (XLS, 406kb)
March (XLS, 416.5kb)
April 2012 (XLS, 415kb)
May (XLS, 421.5kb)
June (XLS, 426.5kb)
July (XLS, 424.5kb)
August (XLS, 438.5kb)
September (XLS, 434.0kb)
October (XLS, 442.5kb)
November (XLS, 491.5kb)
December (XLS, 445kb)

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January (XLS, 369kb)
February (XLS, 383kb)
March (XLS, 399kb)
April (XLS, 397kb)
May (XLS, 390kb)
June (XLS, 390kb)
July (XLS, 400kb)
August (XLS, 400kb)
September (XLS, 394kb)
October (XLS, 393kb)
November (XLS, 400kb)
December (XLS, 380kb)
H&S Code 40709-5 2011 Report Final (pdf 102kb)

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January (XLS, 400kb)
February (XLS, 402kb)
March (XLS, 391kb)
April (XLS, 392kb)
May (XLS, 394kb)
June (XLS, 387kb)
July (XLS, 389kb)
August (XLS, 391kb)
September (XLS, 393kb)
October (XLS, 390kb)
November (XLS, 389kb)
December (XLS, 378kb)
H&S Code 40709-5 2010 Final Report (pdf 169kb)

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January (XLS, 394kb)
February (XLS, 396kb)
March (XLS, 397kb)
April (XLS, 401kb)
May (XLS, 439kb)
June (XLS, 433kb)
July (XLS, 431kb)
August (XLS, 424kb)
September (XLS, 435kb)
October (XLS, 424kb)
H&S Code 40709-5 2009 Final Report (pdf 297kb)

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February (XLS, 287kb)
March (XLS, 290kb)
April (XLS, 2,736kb)
May (XLS, 315kb)
June (XLS, 805kb)
July (XLS, 331kb)
August (XLS, 608kb)
September (XLS, 338kb)
November (XLS, 349kb)
December (XLS, 409kb)

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