Rule 222 Filing Program

Rule 222 (Filing Requirements for Specific Emission Sources Not Requiring a Written Permit Pursuant to Regulation II) was adopted in September of 1998 as a streamlined alternative to permitting

Rule 222 (PDF) identifies specific types of equipment that typically have a low emission impact.  Owners and operators of equipment listed below are required to comply with the Rule 222 Filing Program.  This rule  requires owners/operators of specified emission sources to submit information regarding the source, including but not limited to a description of the source, data necessary to estimate emissions from the source, and information to determine whether the equipment is operating in compliance with applicable District, state, and Federal rules and regulations.

Equipment Category

To Download Form to Mail in
with Payment, Click Below:

Negative Air Machines (Asbestos)

Form 222-a (PDF, 144 Kb)

Boilers/Water Heaters & Process Heaters,
(1-2 MM BTU/hr rated heat input)

Form 222-B (PDF, 39 Kb)


Form 222-C (PDF, 44 Kb)

Oil Production Well Group

Form 222-ow (PDF, 722 Kb)

Natural Gas Well Heads, Well Pumps, Transfer Pumps, & Repressurizing Equipment

 Form 222-npg (PDF, 412 Kb)

Agricultural Engines

Form 222-Ag (PDF, 539 Kb)

Printing, Coating & Drying Equipment

Form 222-PCD (PDF, 39 Kb)

Agricultural Gasoline Storage & Dispensing Equipment

Form 222-sd (PDF, 498 Kb)

Facility with No Written Permits & Four Tons or More of VOC Emissions per Year

Low VOC Material Verification*

Form 222-4T (PDF, 494 Kb)

Form 109-LVM (PDF, 401 Kb)

Asphalt Day Tanker

Form 222-AT (PDF, 471 Kb)

Asphalt Pavement Heater

Form 222-ah (PDF, 63 Kb)

Diesel Fueled Boiler

Form 222-db (PDF, 57 Kb)

Food Oven

Form 222-FO (PDF, 171 Kb)

Fuel Cell

Form 222-FC (PDF, 186 Kb)

IC Engines at Remote Radio Transmission Towers

Form 222-RT (PDF, 176 Kb)


Form 222-mt (PDF, 489 Kb)

Portable Diesel Fueled Heater

Form 222-ph (PDF, 489 Kb)

Power Pressure Washer and Hot Water or Steam Washer and Cleaner

Form 222-pw (PDF, 497 Kb)

Storage of Odorants

Form 222-os (PDF, 56 Kb)

Tar Pot or Tar Kettle

Form 222-tp (PDF, 490 Kb)

Equipment Used to Store Aqueous Urea Solutions

 Form 222-U (PDF, 294 Kb)

Equipment in the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Under the Portable Equipment Registration Program (PERP)

 Form 222-OCS (PDF, 173 Kb)

Industrial Cooling Towers 

Form 222-CT (PDF, 190 Kb)

*Form 109-LVM can be submitted in lieu of Form 222-4T to the Executive Officer in accordance with Rule 219 (h)(1)(E)(ii). 

The forms in PDF format are fillable with current or earlier versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader.  However, to save a copy of the completed forms, you will need a full version of Adobe Acrobat 7.0 or later.

Filing Fee: $217.32 (Effective 7/1/2019 - 6/30/2020)

In addition to an initial filing fee, affected equipment are subject to annual renewal fees in accordance with Rule 301(u)(3).  For more information about the filing program, please contact Susan Tsai or George Illes.

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