Carl Moyer Program (Heavy-Duty Engines)

NEW!  SCAQMD is currently accepting applications for the Carl Moyer Program (CMP) under Program Announcement #2017-04 (PDF, 6.6MB).

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For paper applications, please refer to the table below and click on the applications matching your equipment category.

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, JULY 11, 2017

The purpose of the CMP is to obtain emission reductions of Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), Particulate Matter (PM10) and Reactive Organic Gases (ROG) from heavy-duty vehicles and other equipment operating in California as early and as cost-effectively as possible. The CMP provides financial incentives to assist in the purchase of cleaner-than-required engine and equipment technologies to achieve emission reductions that are real, surplus, quantifiable and enforceable. 

CMP funding is provided via two legislative bills, SB 1107 and AB 923.  SB 1107 provides approximately $61 million per year in statewide funding, and AB 923 permits air districts in designated non-attainment areas to collect an additional two dollars in vehicle registration fees to expend on programs to reduce emissions from vehicular sources and off-road equipment. A resolution approving such fees was adopted by the SCAQMD Board on December 3, 2004. 

The Carl Moyer Program fills a critical niche in California’s strategy to achieve clean air.  In the past 18 years, the CMP has provided $410 million in funding which has resulted in approximately 6,937 tons per year of NOx and 181 tons per year of PM emission reductions throughout SCAQMD.

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What's New:
The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is proposing CMP Guidelines update by no later than July 1, 2017.  Some of the key changes to the CMP include establishing new cost-effectiveness limits based on consideration of technology and regulatory costs. Other changes will include incorporating other public funding sources to leverage CMP funds.  If the guideline revisions become finalized by CARB in time for the evaluation period, the SCAQMD will use the new guidelines for evaluation of projects submitted under this Program Announcement.

Funding Categories:
Below are the specific project categories identified for funding under the SCAQMD 2017 CMP solicitation.  For additional information, please click on the project categories below or Program Announcement #2017-04 (PDF, 6.6MB)

Although SCAQMD prefers application submittals via the CMP Online Application Program (click here to submit applications online), paper applications are accepted.  Please refer to the table below for the required applications for your project:

Equipment Category

Project Type

Application Form

General Application Form

A separate Form A-1 is required for each equipment category (i.e., marine, off-road, locomotive, etc.).

For example, if an applicant is requesting funding for marine engine repowers and off-road construction equipment, then two (2) separate Form A-1’s must be submitted – one for each category.

Form A-1 (PDF, 234kb)

On-Road Heavy Duty

New Purchase
(Funding no longer available per 2017 Carl Moyer Guideline Update)

Vehicle Replacement Form B-4
(PDF, 308kb)


Form B-2 (PDF, 363kb)

Emergency Vehicles (Fire Apparatus)

Form B-3 (PDF, 390kb)

Off-Road Equipment


Form C-1 (PDF, 377kb)

Repower, Repower with Retrofit

Form C-2 (PDF, 429kb)


Form C-3 (PDF, 386kb)

Cargo Handling Equipment (CHE)

Form C-3 (PDF, 353kb)

Marine Vessels


Form D-1 (PDF, 360kb)


Form D-2 (PDF, 360kb)







Form E-1 (PDF, 387kb)

CARB-Verified Retrofit
(Funding no longer available per 2017 Carl Moyer Guideline Update)


Head-End Power Unit

Form E-3 (PDF, 380kb)

Idle Limiting Device
(Funding no longer available per 2017 Carl Moyer Guideline Update)


Engine Remanufacture Kit or Repower/Refurbishment

Form E-5 (PDF, 377kb)

Useful Links and Resources:
  • 2017 Carl Moyer Brochure (PDF, 425kb)
  • Links to CARB Rules that Affect CMP Eligibility (Please check the appropriate website for applicable CARB regulations and compliance dates):
CARB Rules
On-Road Private Link to external website. 
Public/Utility Fleets Link to external website. 
In-Use Off-Road (CI) Link to external website. 
Harbor Craft Link to external website. 
Cargo Handling Equipment Link to external website. 
Shore Power Link to external website. 

Staff Contacts:

Project Category

Staff Contact

Phone Number


On-Road Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Ashkaan Nikravan

(909) 396-3260

Off-Road Equipment

Andrew Yoon

Walter Shen

Krystle Martinez

(909) 396-3043

(909) 396-3043

(909) 396-3021

Cargo Handling Equipment Electrification

Greg Ushijima

(909) 396-3301

Marine Vessels

Mark Coleman

Von Loveland

(909) 396-3074

(909) 396-3063

Shore Power

Greg Ushijima

(909) 396-3301


Mei Wang

(909) 396-3257

Additional Vehicle Funding Programs:

Voucher Incentive Program (VIP)
SOON Program
Proposition 1B Program

To sign-up for vehicle funding program updates, please click here.

More additional information, please contact the Carl Moyer Staff.

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