Carl Moyer Program (Heavy-Duty Engines)

Important Notice:
NEW!  SCAQMD is NO LONGER ACCEPTING applications for the Carl Moyer Program.  The Carl Moyer Program is now CLOSED
Please check back for Carl Moyer Program funding opportunities in March 2017.

The Carl Moyer Memorial Air Quality Standards Attainment Program (Carl Moyer Program) is named after Dr. Carl Moyer in recognition of his work in improving air quality.  The Carl Moyer Program does not pay for compliance with a regulation - instead, it provides competitive grants for the incremental cost of cleaner-than-required engines, vehicles, and equipment.  The program focuses on cleaning the air by replacing older heavy-duty diesels with electric, alternative-fuel, or cleaner diesel technologies.

Since 1998, the Carl Moyer Program has provided funding to encourage the owners of diesel engines to go beyond regulatory requirements by retrofitting, repowering, or replacing their engines with newer and cleaner ones. While regulations continue to be the primary means to reduce air pollution emissions, the Carl Moyer program plays a complementary role to California’s regulatory program reducing NOx and PM by funding emission reductions that are surplus, i.e., early and/or in excess of what is required by regulation.  Currently, the Carl Moyer Program has ended its seventeenth year of funding, where $23 million was made available for FY 2014-15 project awards within the SCAQMD's 4-county jurisdiction.

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Carl Moyer Program Reporting Forms:

  • Carl Moyer Annual Report Template (PDF, 9KB)
  • Carl Moyer Quarterly Report Template (PDF, 131KB)
  • Powerpoint Presentations:  Carl Moyer Overview (PDF, 374KB), Marine Vessels (PDF, 213KB), Shore Power (PDF, 140KB), On-Road Heavy Duty Vehicles (PDF, 408KB), Off-Road Equipment (PDF, 442KB), Locomotives (PDF, 160KB) and Cargo Handling Equipment (PDF, 231KB)
  • 2016 Carl Moyer Brochure (PDF, 395KB)
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    More additional information, please contact the Carl Moyer Staff.