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Here are answers to the most common registration problems that have been reported to us:

  1. You have entered the information about name, address, etc, but when you click on the "continue" button, nothing seems to happen and you can't get to the next page.

    If there was something incomplete or incorrect on the information you entered, you will not be able to continue, and an explanation of what is wrong will appear printed in red type next to the space that is incomplete or incorrect.  You might have to scroll up or down the registration page to see where that red message appeared.  Here are some of the most common errors that would prevent you from proceeding:

    1. All spaces marked with red asterisk must be completed.
    2. Use only dashes, not parentheses,  when entering your telephone number.
      Example:  909-396-3215, not (909) 396-3215.
    3. Be sure to type your e-mail address exactly the same both times. 
  2. You scheduled a time slot and you want to come earlier or later on that same day.  Do you need to call in to reschedule?

    You do not need to call or reschedule a time slot on a given day.  Just make sure you come some time before 12 pm on that day.  But, be aware that your registration is good only for the day and location for which you have received a confirmation.

If you are still having problems registering, please e-mail

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