Flare Event Notification System Updated to Include New Features

The Flare Event Notification System (FENS) has recently been updated to include new features on the regional refinery flare map including wind speed and direction and to list recent past events.

The FENS public portal now provides direct links to a specific refinery facility webpage where quarterly data and other information is available. The program has been modified so noticed events that did not occur are labeled appropriately and the estimated stop time for a flare event can be updated if schedules change. FENS lists flaring event notifications received in real-time, based on preliminary input from the facility and may be updated in the future by South Coast AQMD with additional comments regarding the flare event.

FENS provides information on flaring events at twelve facilities within Los Angeles County, including eight petroleum refining facilities, three hydrogen production plants, and one sulfur recovery plant which are subject to the requirements of South Coast AQMD’s Rule 1118 - Control of Emissions from Refinery Flares. Rule 1118 requires that each of the facilities submit notifications and reports, monitor emissions, meet emissions targets, and maintain a public inquiry hotline.

To view FENS, visit: To sign up for notifications of refinery flaring events, visit:

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