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  • John J. Benoit Tribute
    In Memory of SCAQMD Governing Board member John J. Benoit
  • SCAQMD EV Home Charging Incentive Program
    SCAQMD's Residential EV Charging Incentive Pilot Program provides an incentive to lower the cost of residential Level 2 electric vehicle chargers. The program is available to residents within SCAQMD's four-county jurisdiction.
  • SCAQMD Governing Board Meeting Highlights March/April 2016
    • South Pasadena Mayor Pro Tem Michael Cacciotti is reappointed for another 4-year term,
    • Health researcher Dr. Keith Black presents important study results from the Brain and Lung Tumor and Air Pollution Foundation,
    • The Board approves three new incentive programs to reduce air pollution,
    • A special request is made to the EPA to further reduce pollution from heavy-duty diesel trucks,
    • Long-time Executive Officer Dr. Barry Wallerstein completes his service to the South Coast AQMD, and Wayne Nastri is appointed as Acting Executive Officer by the Board.


  • Federal Assistance Needed in Fight for Clean Air
    The South Coast Air Quality Management District and its partner agencies have achieved remarkable progress in improving the Southland’s air quality. But much work remains to achieve health-based clean air standards imposed by the federal government. Currently, 24 states have at least one county that does not meet the ozone standard set in 2008. Even if thousands of businesses were shuttered and millions of vehicles were somehow taken off the road, Southern California still would not achieve clean air standards unless the federal government does more to reduce emissions. The federal government must adopt stricter regulations for sources under its control and secure incentive funding to help restore healthful air for all Southern Californians.
  • February 2016 Governing Board Highlights
    In this new episode of SCAQMD On The Air: two new members join the Governing Board, and two current members renew their leadership positions as they all take the oath of office, the Board approves opening up an application process to review project proposals that would help clean up heavy-duty diesel locomotives, cargo ships parked at the ports, and cargo handling equipment, and, Our region continues to lead the way in cutting down smog forming chemicals in paints and coatings.