Home Rule Advisory Group

Synopsis of History:  

The Home Rule Advisory Group was established April 14, 1995 by the South Coast AQMD Governing Board as one element of the Business Clean Air Partnership.  It is a coalition of local business leaders, environmental representatives and air quality regulators dedicated to seeking realistic approaches to attaining clean air goals.

Advisory Group Mission:  

To seek consolidation of overlapping federal, state, and local regulations to streamline regulatory compliance.  The Group will focus on proposals that impose duplicative, conflicting, and/or burdensome requirements that provide little or no environmental benefit and thus warrant review, comment, or response.  These goals will be accomplished by making recommendations to the Stationary Source Committee on those issues that the group identifies, as well as pending legislation and regulatory proposals that have the potential to adversely affect the regional economy.  The anticipated result is the development of strategies that seek reasonable and realistic approaches to attaining clean air goals.

The Home Rule Advisory Group also formed five subcommittees to achieve their goals and objectives:  Climate Change, New Source Review, Environmental Justice, Freight Sustainability and Small Business Considerations. In 2012, the Home Rule Advisory Group formed an Ad Hoc Consensus Building Working Group to discuss air quality issues and to resolve problems outside of litigation. 


The number of members will not exceed 30 representing the South Coast AQMD, EPA, CARB, SCAG, three environmental groups, eight organizations and twelve community representatives. 

Membership Roster (PDF, 80kb)

Meeting Calendar

Note:  This schedule is subject to change based on Committee Chair's availability.

Meeting Agendas


This Advisory Group reports to the Stationary Source Committee.

Advisory Group Contact Person:  Dr. Sarah Rees (909) 396-2856. 


Blue Ribbon Panel Regarding Operations of Board Advisory Groups

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