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Airborne Radiation Monitoring Status

No increased risk detected above background levels

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Radiation levels measured at three regional sites operated by the South Coast Air Quality Management District for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have not been higher than typical “background” levels seen before the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  These levels are thousands of times below any level of concern.  AQMD has operated these radiation monitors in Southern California for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for several years.  These extremely sensitive monitors will detect any change in outdoor radiation levels.  Radiation levels at these sites and many others around the country are monitored every hour and the information is sent immediately to U.S. EPA.  The latest data from these monitors, including those operated by AQMD, are available at:

The AQMD will continue to monitor and assess the hourly radiation levels at sites in Southern California and elsewhere in the United States.  In the unlikely event that an increase is observed, it will be promptly reported on this website.  Although additional U.S EPA analysis has found extremely low levels of radioactive material in Southern California and throughout the United States that is consistent with releases from the damaged reactors in Japan, the radiation levels remain far below levels of concern.  More information on all of U.S. EPA’s radiation monitoring activities is available at:

Monitoring radiation is a very small part of the many activities AQMD does to protect public health and clean the air that we breathe. For more information on how you can help clean the air, go to

This page updated: December 13, 2011