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AQMD Awards Nearly $12.5 Million For Eight Renewable Energy Projects Throughout Southland

January 10, 2012

Zero-pollution projects will support electric technologies locally

The South Coast AQMD has approved nearly $12.5 million to help fund eight renewable energy projects across the Southland to support clean air technologies such as plug-in electric vehicles.

The projects, dispersed throughout the Southland, will displace more than 11 megawatts (MW) of power typically generated through large, centralized fossil-fuel power plants.  This amount of electricity could power 5,000 typical homes.

"These are the kind of projects we need to deploy on a large scale to tackle our severe air pollution problem,” said William A. Burke, Ed.D., AQMD’s Governing Board Chairman.  “They will demonstrate a variety of zero-emission technologies while helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase our energy security.”  AQMD’s Board approved the projects on Jan. 6.

The projects will generate electricity from renewable sources such as solar and biogas and utilize electricity storage technologies to provide off-grid power during peak demand hours.   The eight projects include:

-- Installation of up to 2 MW for a solar carport, electric vehicle chargers and a fleet of electric vehicles to be used in a car-sharing program at the City of Industry’s Metrolink train station;

-- Installation of up to 50 kilowatt (kW) for a solar rooftop system, 1.5 MW battery energy storage system and the installation of electric vehicle charge stations at the CODA Energy facility in Santa Monica;

-- Installation by Siemens Industry Inc. of up to 632 kW for solar carports as part of a larger power-purchase agreement project with El Monte Unified School District with integrated electric charging stations and SmartGrid integration;

-- Installation by Kinetic Traction Systems of up to 1 MW of flywheel energy storage to capture regenerative braking from trains and up to 2 kW solar system at the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s Gold Line facility in Los Angeles;

-- Installation of up to 2 MW solar and up to 2 MWh lithium battery storage systems at the University of California, CE-CERT campus to facilitate electric vehicle charging sites throughout the City of Riverside.  The project includes the conversion of an existing diesel trolley to electric drive to link the campus and various city sites to the Metrolink station;

-- OHR Energy’s installation of up to 1.4 MW of renewable fuel cell energy, an absorption chiller and electric vehicle chargers, with the potential for energy storage, at a site within the South Coast Air Basin;

-- Installation of up to 300 kW of renewable fuel cell energy at the Eastern Municipal Water District’s Perris Valley Water Reclamation facility; and

-- Installation by UTC Power of up to 400 kW of renewable fuel cell energy at one Albertson’s Supermarket location, including the installation of an absorption chiller and up to six electric vehicle charge stations.

Total cost for the eight projects is approximately $41 million, with the balance of funding provided by project partners.  Projects will begin later this year and are expected to be completed within 18 months.

AQMD is the air pollution control agency for Orange County and major portions of Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Riverside counties.

This page updated: January 10, 2012