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Final Report
September 2008




Final Report

Cover (PDF, 145k)

Table of Contents (PDF, 36k)

Executive Summary (PDF, 1,125k)

Chapter 1: Introduction and Chapter 2: Air Toxics Monitoring and Analysis (PDF, 448k)

Chapter 3: Development of the Toxics Emissions Inventory (PDF, 67k)

Chapter 4: Regional Modeling and Evaluation (PDF, 1,409k)

Chapter 5: Microscale Study (PDF, 86k)

Chapter 6: Findings and Discussion (PDF, 22k)


Cover (PDF, 146k)

Appendices Table of Contents (PDF, 19k)

Appendix I: List of Substances and Their Associated Risk Factor
(PDF, 15k)

Appendix II: MATES III Technical Advisory Group (PDF, 11k)

Appendix III: MATES III Monitoring and Laboratory Analysis Protocol
(PDF, 245k)

Appendix IV: Measurements of Ambient Naphthalene and Other Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PDF, 57k)

Appendix V: PM2.5 Particulate-Bound Organic Compound Analysis
(PDF, 57k)

Appendix VI: Summaries for the MATES III Fixed Monitoring Sites
(PDF, 413k)

Appendix VII: PM2.5 Source Apportionment for the South Coast Air Basin Using Chemical Mass Balance Receptor Model (PDF, 351k)

Appendix VIII: 1998 and 2005 Emissions by Major Source Category
(PDF, 277k)

Appendix IX: Regional Modeling Analyses (PDF, 3,732k)

Appendix X: Weekday/Weekend PM2.5 Speciation Project (PDF, 152k)