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Multiple Air Toxics Exposure Study

The Multiple Air Toxics Exposure Study III (MATES III) is a monitoring and evaluation study conducted in the South Coast Air Basin (Basin).  The study is a follow up to previous air toxics studies in the Basin and is part of the South Coast Air Quality Management District Governing Board's 2003-04 Environmental Justice Workplan.

The MATES III Study consists of several elements.  These include a monitoring program, an updated emissions inventory of toxic air contaminants, and a modeling effort to characterize risk across the Basin.  The study focuses on the carcinogenic risk from exposure to air toxics.  It does not estimate mortality or other health effects from particulate exposures.

The Mates III Technical Advisory Group was formed to provide feedback.  The advisory group includes environmentalists, business representatives, and scientists; and their meetings are open to the public.

Mates III Final Report (September 2008)

MATES III Carcinogenic Risk Interactive Map
(Your patience is requested, the map can take several minutes to load)

Click on the link for the Interactive Map of the South Coast Air Basin to identify the estimated modeled carcinogenic risk from air toxics by geographic location as shown in Figure ES-4 in the Executive Summary of the MATES III Report.  See Chapter 4 of the Report and Appendix IX for details of the modeling analysis.


Links to previews of drafts and meetings are below:

Mates III Draft Final Report (July 2008)

Public Consultation Meeting
for the Revised Draft
August 26, 2008
Presentation (PDF - 2,821k)

Mates III Technical Advisory Group, August 12, 2008
Agenda and Presentations

The link to the comments received on the January 2008 MATES III Draft Report follows:

The link to the MATES III Draft Report (January 2008 version) follows:
MATES III Draft Report (January 2008)

Seven Public Workshops on MATES III were conducted in the months of February and March 2008 at various locations throughout the Basin. The link to the presentation follows:

Presentation (PDF - 403k)

Past MATES III Technical Advisory Group Meeting Agendas