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Air Quality Forecast/Advisories
Current Hourly Air Quality Daily Forecasts & Advisories

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Air Quality

As the air pollution control agency for all of Orange County and the urban portions of Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, the AQMD collects data on current air quality, provides forecasts and analyzes trends in levels of pollutants. In addition, AQMD staff models and provides data for specific projects.

Current data is available in several different ways. The current hourly data is available from the clickable "Air Quality Map" or directly from the “Current Readings” list. Animated maps showing AQMD ozone (May-October) and Particulate Matter levels and forecasts are also available through the EPA AIRNow website at "Animated Air Quality Map"

The air quality forecast is updated on a daily basis and is available in text form at "Daily Air Quality Forecast" or as a clickable map at "Today's Forecast."  A color version of the air quality forecast in terms of Air Quality Index (AQI) that is sent to schools, parks and recreational facilities is also available at “Air Quality Forecast (AQI)”. Tomorrow’s forecast is typically available by noon each day and can be viewed at "Tomorrow's Forecast" as a clickable map. A description of the AQI levels and AQMD recommended cautionary statements can be found at Air Quality Index (PDF, 349k).

Air Quality data, trends and special studies are available via the Air Quality Data page. In addition, the California Air Resources Board has current and historic data for AQMD and many other areas in California.

If you are a consultant needing Meteorological data for dispersion modeling, click on the link to Meteorological Data for Modeling.

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