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Fleet Rule Information

To reduce both toxic and smog-forming air pollutants, the SCAQMD adopted seven rules that will gradually shift public agencies and certain private entities to lower emissions and alternative fuel vehicles whenever a fleet operator with 15 or more vehicles replaces or purchases new vehicles. All seven fleet rules are now in effect. Readers should review each rule that would affect their purchasing or contracting procedures involving fleet vehicles. For some entities, more than one rule may apply.

  • Rule 1186.1 Less-Polluting Sweepers

  • Rule 1191 Clean On-Road Light- and Medium-Duty Public Fleet Vehicles

  • Rule 1192 Clean On-Road Transit Buses

  • Rule 1193 Clean On-Road Residential and Commercial Refuse Collection Vehicles

  • Rule 1194 Commercial Airport Ground Access Vehicles (Taxicabs, Shuttles, etc.)

  • Rule 1195 Clean On-Road School Buses

  • Rule 1196 Clean On-Road Heavy-Duty Public Fleet Vehicles

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For more information on the fleet rules, call the Fleet Rule Implementation Hotline at (909) 396-3044 or e-mail

This page updated: March 14, 2014