The Volkswagen (VW) Environmental Mitigation Trust will provide $90 million for Zero Emission Class 8 Freight & Port Drayage Trucks, and $60 million for Combustion Freight & Marine Projects. The application period is anticipated to begin in the fall of 2019.

Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust

The Volkswagen (VW) Mitigation Trust (also known as the Trust or Mitigation Trust) was established as part of a settlement with Volkswagen for their role in utilizing illegal defeat devices in certain 2.0 and 3.0 liter VW vehicles that resulted in excess emissions. The Trust will provide funding to mitigate these excess emissions through the replacement or repower of older, heavy-duty vehicles, engines and equipment with zero emission and other clean technologies.

The South Coast AQMD will serve as the statewide administrator for two funding categories:

  • Zero-Emission Class 8 Freight & Port Drayage Trucks
  • Combustion Freight & Marine Projects

Funding allocation for all project categories can be seen here:

View Project Category Table