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Rule 1166 Various Locations Soil Mitigation Plan

Rule 1166 - Volatile Organic Compound Emissions from Decontamination of Soil (pdf 26.1), requires that an approved mitigation plan be obtained from AQMD prior to commencing any of the following activities:
  1. The excavation of any underground storage tank or transfer piping previously used for volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

  2. The excavation or grading of soil containing VOC material including gasoline, diesel, crude oil, lubricant, waste oil, adhesive, paint, stain, solvent, resin, monomer, and/or any other material containing VOC.

  3. The handling or storage of VOC contaminated soil [registers >50 parts per million (ppm) or greater using an organic vapor analyzer (OVA) calibrated with hexane].

Various Locations Plan
The Various Location plan is designed for contractors that conduct, on a regular basis, smaller scale excavations at facilities that have stored, dispensed, or handled materials that contain VOC.   Unlike the Site Specific plan, the Various Locations Mitigation plan allows the plan holder to operate at multiple sites under a single plan.  This type of plan allows multiple copies of the original to be made and used at “various locations” based on the needs of the plan holder.   Typical activities conducted under a Various Locations plan include:

  1. Removal, replacement or repair of underground storage tanks or related piping used to store or transfer VOCs (i.e., gasoline, ethanol, methanol, xylene, toluene, or other similar compounds)     

  2. Excavations involving less than 2000 cubic yards of VOC-contaminated soil; projects involving greater quantities must be conducted under a Site Specific plan;

Review the sample plan (pdf 52 kb) to obtain more information about the format and typical operating conditions of the Various Locations plan.

Applying for a Plan
To apply for a Various Locations mitigation plan, complete the following forms:

Submit the completed form with the plan submittal fee of $242.88 (1) to:

South Coast Air Quality Management District
Attention: Standard Permits
P.O. Box 4944
Diamond bar, CA, 91765-0944

Expiration and Renewal
Various Locations plans are valid for 12 months and there is no automatic renewal process; a new application must be submitted to AQMD at least one month prior to expiration of the existing plan. Please check current fees as fee changes usually occur in July each year.

Related Fee Information
1) Fees listed in above section are based on FY 13-14 Fee.
2) See Rule 306 - Plan Fees (pdf 16.1 kb) for further information on small businesses discounts.
3) For more information about Rule 1166 notification (pdf 114 kb) fees, please see subsection (x) of  Rule 301 - Permit Fees (pdf 275 kb).


This page updated: October 31, 2013