Why Healthy Air Matters Program (WHAM) - Training Videos

Videos for high school teachers participating in South Coast AQMD's WHAM program

Training Videos:

  • Activity 1Link to external website. - Our Air and Pollution - What is Clean Air?

  • Activity 2 Link to external website. - Particle Pollution - What Does a Particle Look Like?

  • Activity 3A Link to external website. - Particle Sources, Where do Particles Come From?

  • Activity 3B Link to external website. - How do You Design a Study?

  • Activity 4 Link to external website. - Health Effects of Air Pollution - How Much Air can you Exhale?

  • Activity 5 Link to external website. - Measuring Particles - How do we Measure Particles?

  • Activity 6 Link to external website. - Field Measurements - What is in our Air?

  • Activity 7 Link to external website. - Interpret Your Data - What did you Discover?

  • Activity 8 Link to external website. - Be Part of the Solution - How can you Help?

More Information - WHAM Program
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