SunLine Transit Set to Complete Nation’s Largest On-Site Hydrogen Generating Fueling Station

Sunline Hydrogen Fueling StationThe SunLine Transit Agency will soon have the largest on-site generating hydrogen fueling station in the nation when it completes construction this August. The new state-of-the-art station, which has been operating at partial capacity since its unveiling in April 2019, will have a hydrogen fueling capacity of up to 900 kilograms per day and fuel buses in under 10 minutes.

SunLine is a transit operator that provides bus service throughout the Coachella Valley and the Downtown Riverside area. The agency has been at the forefront of alternative fuels for nearly three decades, introducing natural gas buses into its fleet in 1993 and hydrogen fuel cell technology in 2000.

Currently about 25 percent of SunLine’s fleet uses zero-emission technology including 16 hydrogen fuel cell buses and four plug-in battery electric buses. With the completion of the station, SunLine plans to add additional hydrogen fuel cell buses before the end of the year by utilizing its Bus Replacement Program, California’s Volkswagen Mitigation Trust and other grant and funding opportunities.

Most of SunLine’s heavy-duty bus fleet is expected to make a transition to zero-emission technology by 2030, with the goal of shifting the agency’s remaining buses to zero emissions by 2035.

In late April, SunLine unveiled two newly wrapped hydrogen fuel cell buses with the hashtag #CoachellaValleyStrong on the side as a thank you to essential workers in the area working tirelessly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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