South Coast AQMD Unveils Online Tool to Track Permit Applications

In May 2020, South Coast AQMD unveiled a new online Permit Application tracking tool where businesses and organizations can now track submitted permit applications from start to finish. South Coast AQMD is one of the first air agencies in California to provide an online tool that provides this type of information clearly and easily to the public.

Once a permit application is submitted, applicants and the public can check its current status, as well as additional details including:

  • A full timeline of the permit process from start to finish;

  • If information or action is still needed from the facility such as data, reports, fees, or source tests; and,

  • If the permit is being processed or has triggered additional evaluation steps from South Coast AQMD.

The new online tool is being integrated into South Coast AQMD’s existing Facility Information Detail (FIND) system where the public can search for information about regulated facilities.

This is the latest action in South Coast AQMD’s ongoing efforts to streamline its permitting process and reduce its permit application inventory. In 2016, more than 7,000 permitting applications awaited processing. Since then, South Coast AQMD has slashed its inventory in half to the lowest levels in over three decades.

More information regarding the new tool and instructions on its use can be accessed on South Coast AQMD’s Permits page.

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