South Coast AQMD Releases Enhanced Mobile App with Greater Accuracy for Checking Local Air Quality

In December, 2020 South Coast AQMD released a major update to its mobile application, making it the most advanced air quality app in the region. The update features more accurate and precise real-time air quality information from anywhere within South Coast AQMD’s four-county jurisdiction. Blending data from regulatory monitoring stations, crowd-sourced low-cost sensor measurements and an air quality model run by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), South Coast AQMD scientists have developed a peer-reviewed methodology designed to provide residents with hyperlocalized air quality index (AQI) values.

South Coast AQMD’s app continues to feature detailed, interactive maps of the South Coast Air Basin and Coachella Valley showing real-time and forecasted air quality and weather conditions. Users can also find alternative fueling locations, air advisories, announcements, public events, meetings and workshops. The app is available in both English and Spanish for Apple and Android devices.

Major improvements to the app include:

  • Improved air quality display that combines data from the agency’s regulatory-grade air quality monitors with model data from the NOAA, and low-cost fine particulate matter sensors from PurpleAir installed at hundreds of locations by residents and agencies throughout the jurisdiction

  • AQI maps displayed in grid cells of 5 x 5 kilometers with over 1,200 distinct locations. This contrasts with earlier versions of the app that displayed data for 37 distinct regions.

  • Extensive testing indicates this new framework is more accurate than previous methods, especially during wildfire events.

  • Increased personalization and labeling features when adding new locations. Grid areas can now be labeled as ‘Home,’ ‘Work,’ ‘School’ or include a custom label like ‘Dodger Stadium’ or a favorite restaurant. South Coast AQMD Releases Enhanced Mobile App with Greater Accuracy for Checking Local Air Quality

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