South Coast AQMD Installs Thirty Level 2 Chargers to Support a Growing Electric Vehicle Fleet

Thirty Level 2 chargers for South Coast AQMD’s fleet of battery electric and plug-in electric vehicles (EV) were installed in the lower level parking garage in the agency’s Diamond Bar headquarters in July 2020. Funding for the fleet chargers was provided through SCE’s Charge Ready Fleet program, PowerFlex, and South Coast AQMD.

By the first quarter of 2020, SCE’s Charge Ready Program had installed almost 1,500 electric vehicle charging ports at 90 sites, with an additional 1,200 EV charging ports at 58 sites in progress. Fourteen percent of the EV charging ports through SCE’s Charge Ready Program are for fleet charging and 47 percent will be in disadvantaged communities.

PowerFlex was founded by a group of researchers at California Institute of Technology (Caltech) who developed a power management system so that power between the chargers could be shared with enough charging for all vehicles without increasing power requirements. PowerFlex’s technology manages large-scale EV charging systems based on advanced algorithmic research.

South Coast AQMD’s fleet chargers use PowerFlex’s Adaptive Charging Network technology to allow site hosts to maximize delivery of electricity to EVs while reducing or eliminating the need for costly utility upgrades by managing charging based on drivers’ demand, building load, onsite generation, and other variables. This will enable South Coast AQMD to continue to expand its fleet of EVs for employee use, and to continue to incorporate EVs into the fleet as they become available for vanpooling and other purposes.

This project supplements the 92 Level 2 EV charging ports installed in 2017 for public and workplace charging in South Coast AQMD’s main parking lot.

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