LA Historic Park Switches to Cleaner Lawn Equipment through South Coast AQMD's Incentive Program

Taking advantage of South Coast AQMD’s Commercial Lawn and Garden Program, the Los Angeles River State Park Partners introduced its first battery-electric landscape maintenance equipment at Los Angeles State Historic Park (LASHP).

The LASHP has been designated as the first park in California’s 280 state parks system to earn the “AGZA Certified Green Zone” designation from the American Green Zone Alliance (AGZA). The park replaced all two-stroke gas powered equipment with battery electric and people-powered tools for all routine maintenance tasks.

South Coast AQMD’s Commercial Lawn and Garden Program provides incentives to help commercial gardeners and landscapers, local governments, school districts, colleges and non-profit organizations buy new zero-emission, battery-electric lawn and garden equipment to replace their old, polluting gasoline or diesel-powered ones. Participants may receive up to 75 percent off the purchase price of new equipment.

The park was able to purchase a zero-emission riding lawn mower and trimmers under the program.

Gas- and diesel-powered equipment produce hazardous emissions that can expose operators and residents to air pollution. The benefits of using battery electric equipment are reducing potential exposure for operators, and reductions in noise, vibration and emissions.

For more information, please visit our Electric Lawn and Garden Equipment Programs webpage.

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