Download Model 2013.2.2

Be sure to “uninstall” any previous versions of the model.  CalEEMod 2013.2.2, can be downloaded from the following two installation files:

Download both files onto computer and locate. Click the setup.exe file and it will walk you through the installation (of the .msi file). The model can be found as an icon on the desktop and in the Start, Programs menu. In some cases, network “firewalls” may prevent successful downloading of the model. Therefore, for some computers, especially those on an intranet or other type of network system, be sure to have appropriate User privileges activated and the proper system requirements.

The following files comprise the User's Guide for CalEEMod version 2013.

Template to "Import CSV" defaults (XLS, 411kB) (Note: If you are using the template, the dropdown menus are provided for 100 rows.  Deleting any unused rows before importing prevents the program from reading blank rows and operating slower.  The spreadsheet can be imported wholly into the model under "Open Project".  Alternatively, each tab saved as a "csv" file can be imported under the corresponding screen page - e.g., Land Use tab imported into the Land Use screen)


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