Quemetco operates various furnaces (rotary dryer, reverberatory, electric slag, and refining pot-type), and air pollution control equipment such as scrubbers, baghouses, a regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO), and a wet electrostatic precipitator (WESP).  The furnaces are enclosed in a building which is vented to several room ventilation air pollution control dust collectors equipped with primary filter bags and secondary high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters.

South Coast AQMD requires facilities that exceed emission thresholds specified in Rule 301 – Permitting and Associated Fees, to report their emissions annually and pay applicable fees.  Facilities that are subject to the state’s Air Toxics Hot Spots Program (AB 2588) or the Criteria and Toxics Reporting Regulation are also required to file an annual emissions report.

A summary of reported annual emissions by year can be accessed on F.I.N.D. To view available annual emissions summaries for Quemetco, click on the “Emissions” tab and select the “AER Year” that you would like to access. Quemetco currently reports approximately 20 toxic air contaminants each year.

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