Incentives and programs for the business community.

Programs for the business community include: 

  • financial incentives for implementing cleaner technologies from non-toxic dry cleaning machines to new or retrofit engines for heavy-duty on-road trucks,

  • emission reduction through innovative regulations,

  • raising the profile of clean products such as solvents and commercial products through certification,

  • identification of other clean air products and equipment that can be used by businesses large and small to help improve air quality,

  • compliance assistance through South Coast AQMD-sponsored training

  • small business assistance to help those businesses with regulatory requirements

  • Air Quality Investment Program

    One of the Rule 2202 compliance options that employer may choose to implement.

    Certification Programs & Training

    Products, training and services to promote clean air, and enhance understanding of regulations & compliance requirements

  • Certified Products

    Rule-compliant equipment, and very low-polluting solvents, commercial cleaning products, and fume suppressants

    Laboratory Approval

    Approved laboratories and source testing firms that collect and analyze emission samples for reporting to the South Coast AQMD

  • Other Low-VOC Products

    Lists of Aqueous waste haulers, and cleaning materials, equipment, and super compliant architectural coatings


    The Regional Clean Air Incentives Market is the world's first comprehensive market program for reducing air pollution.

  • Rule 2202 On-Road Motor Vehicle Mitigation Options

    Requires employers with 250 or more employees at a worksite to reduce mobile source emissions resulting from employee commutes

    Small Business Assistance

    Services to help small businesses determine and comply with South Coast AQMD rules and regulations, permit conditions, and recordkeeping requirements

  • Vehicle & Engine Upgrades

    Financial incentives, grants for incremental funding, subsidies, or vouchers designed to promote voluntary introduction of new technologies on an accelerated schedule

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