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South Coast AQMD’s award-winning app is the way to receive the most accurate air quality information that can be tailored to your specific location.

Our app, now the most advanced in the region, provides real-time and forecasted air quality information using data from regulatory monitors, hundreds of low-cost sensors, and state-of-the-art models with scientifically validated methods developed by air quality experts. Among its many features, the app can also be set to notify you when air quality reaches a particular level.

The app is available in English and Spanish, for Apple and Android devices. 

Receive Air Quality Advisories for Extreme Air Quality Events

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South Coast AQMD issues air quality advisories during extreme air quality events such as wildfires, dust storms, extended periods of poor air quality, forecasted Salton Sea odor events, and Check Before You Burn no burn alert days.

Advisories are available at and through an email alert system. To receive advisories via email, click the link below to subscribe and manage your account.

When setting up your email preferences during signup, there is no need to select the “Receive Current Conditions” checkbox if you have air quality notifications set on the South Coast AQMD app. 


Salton Sea Odor Events:
Receive Air Quality Alerts When Hydrogen Sulfide Levels Are Elevated Near the Salton Sea

Salton SeaHydrogen Sulfide, a gas that smells like rotten eggs, is produced by natural processes in the Salton Sea. South Coast AQMD monitors hydrogen sulfide levels in the Eastern Coachella Valley. 

To view current monitored levels and sign up for real-time alerts via email visit:

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