You can help South Coast AQMD protect public health in the South Coast Air Basin by making a complaint about air quality problems. 

Use our on-line complaint system to report excessive odors, smoke, dust, or other air contaminants (except smoking vehicles), or call 1-800-CUT SMOG® (1-800-288-7664).   Smoking vehicles can be reported by calling 1-800-CUT-SMOG.

Please watch this video or view our fact sheet to learn how to make air quality complaints:

(video focuses only on calling in complaints not on the online system)

What is an air quality complaint?
An air quality complaint is any injury, detriment, nuisance, or annoyance occurring as a result of air contaminants or other materials, including (but not limited to) smoke, dust, or odors.

Why you should report air quality problems?
Many businesses operating in the South Coast Air Basin that are sources of air pollution must comply with South Coast AQMD Rules and Regulations, Permits and conditions of operation.  These requirements are designed to protect air quality and public health.  Despite a business's best efforts to comply with these requirements, equipment breakdowns and process upsets do occur.  During these conditions, excess emissions may occur that can affect neighboring communities, schools and other businesses.

Do I have to identify myself when I call South Coast AQMD to report an air quality complaint?
South Coast AQMD staff encourages people to provide their contact information when reporting air quality complaints about businesses, factories and other stationary sources. This information helps us request or verify complaint details with you if needed, and to inform you of the status of complaint investigation activities. South Coast AQMD maintains complainant personal information, such as name, address and telephone number, as confidential, to the extent allowed by state and federal law. Such information may only be released under very limited and unique circumstances, if required by the California Public Records Act or if requested under a subpoena or used in court proceedings.

Interagency complaint referral
South Coast AQMD is authorized by law to respond only to air quality complaints within its specific jurisdiction. Complaints which report problems beyond the jurisdiction of the South Coast AQMD and are best resolved by contacting the appropriate agencies (PDF).

For More Information

Call: 1-800-CUT-SMOG
On-line: Complaint system

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