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For certain types of standard equipment, South Coast AQMD offers several ways to obtain permission to operate more quickly and at a lower cost.


PERP Hotline:
Ph: 1-877-810-6995

For certain types of standard equipment, South Coast AQMD offers several ways to obtain permission to operate more quickly and at a lower cost.


Manufacturers can voluntarily apply to have standard, off-the-shelf equipment certified by South Coast AQMD that it meets all applicable requirements.  By certifying equipment, manufacturers:

  • Are able to meet customer needs for equipment that has been pre-approved to meet all air quality rules

  • Spend less time assisting customers with permitting

  • Are informed and kept up-to-date with the rules and regulations that affect the equipment they sell

A Certified Equipment Permit (CEP) issued to a Manufacturer is not a Permit to Construct or Operate.  To be eligible for Registration of the Certified equipment, the end-user shall submit a Registration application.  Facilities that are in the Title V, RECLAIM or are located within a 1,000 feet of a school are not eligible to participate in the Certification/Registration Program.  Instead these types of facilities are required to submit a regular application for the Permit to Construct/Operate for the equipment.  Title V facilities are considered major sources, and must meet BACT and LAER requirements.  

Business owners who register purchased equipment (using Form 400A (PDF)) that has previously been issued a Certified Equipment Permit by South Coast AQMD:

  • Will be mailed a permit to operate, expeditiously after receipt of their completed application by South Coast AQMD

  • Pay a reduced processing fee

If you have purchased or plan to purchase equipment from a manufacturer participating in the program, be sure to pick up your application package for registration from the dealer/distributor. Manufacturers who are interested in joining the program are encouraged to contact Susan Tsai

Equipment that has been certified includes the following:

In addition, as part of the South Coast AQMD’s permit streamlining program, certain emergency generators have been pre-certified as meeting South Coast AQMD rules/regulations. Facilities who want to install/operate these pre-certified units can apply for a permit using the permit “registration” program that offers lower processing fees and shorter permit processing times. Please use the following form package to apply for a permit for pre-certified equipment:

Other Registration Programs

Equipment registration, except PERP
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